Virtual Reality (VR) is going to be the new era of technology. It generates realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment and  simulates a user’s physical presence in this environment.

Recently, IEEE IIUC Student Branch WIE Affinity Group and Computer Club – IIUC jointly organized a Seminar on Web Virtual Reality. This Seminar was conducted by Mozilla Bangladesh Community. A team of six members from Mozilla Bangladesh Community attended in the Seminar. They are Salman Rahman Desh (Speaker), Khalid Syfullah Zaman (Speaker), Sauradeep DuttaSalman AnimSaif Islam and Md. Nazmus Shakib (Robin).

A Team from Mozilla Bangladesh Community

The Seminar was held in International Islamic University – Chittagong on 20th January, 2017. It was started at just 10:30 am and continued till 1:00 pm. IIUC Seminar Hall was fully filled up with their students. This Seminar was only for female students.



So, the program was started by reciting some parts from Holy Al-Quran. Then the Honorable Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Department of IIUC, Mrs. Shahnaj Parvin gave an introductory speech. In her speech she said about the importance of latest technology in our life. Then she welcomed Mozilla Bangladesh Team and requested to start the sessions.

Mrs. Shahnaj Parvin

There was two speakers from Mozilla Bangladesh Community who conducted the whole event nicely. There session was very educative and informative. Audience got lots of information, ideas and thoughts from their speeches.

So at first, Mozilla Reps Mr. Salman Rahman Desh came to take the session. He started his speech by welcoming the audience with his cool voice and a big smile. Then he briefly described about WebVR and how to use A-frame.

Salman Rahman Desh

From his session we got to know about some following important points:

  • What is WebVR.
  • Introduced with
  • What is A-frame framework.
  • What kind of things can be made in WebVR.
  • How to write tags at the time of coding in A-frame.
  • How can we get the documentation of A-frame.
  • How can we easily create objects in A-frame.
  • How to rotate, color, scale, translate and texture the objects in A-frame.
  • Why it’s important to having knowledge in WebVR.
  • How to make a full WebVR project.
  • How to develop webpage/graphics using A-frame.

He explained all the things related to WebVR with including above important points and audience got a clear idea from his speech.

Salman Rahman Desh

After Desh’s speech there was a very short refreshment break.

After the break, the Club Lead of Firefox At AIUB, Mr. Khalid Syfullah Zaman started his session. He mainly showed some virtual reality projects that they made recently. He described everything part by part of those projects like how they made that, what was the difficulties, how they solved them etc.

Khalid Syfullah Zaman

Actually he showed the full process of making a virtual reality project. At that time he showed a very interesting project which was made for child education purpose. After his session audience got a good concept for making some virtual reality projects.

Khalid Syfullah Zaman

Then another Mozillian and the Honorable Lecturer of IIUCMd Eftekhar Alam took his session. In his speech, he described about Mozilla’s mission and vision. He also talked about some activities of Chittagong Mozillian Community. Audience got a clear idea about how to contribute in Mozilla Community from his valuable speech.

Md Eftekhar Alam

After all the sessions three students from IIUC were given a beautiful swag for their excellent support to organize the event successfully.

Jannatul Naim Riva
Kazi Rifah Noor
Akefar Islam

After that the most interesting part came. Audience got chance to experience some virtual reality projects. There were some VR Box available. Each participant wear the VR Box and tested the flavor of virtual reality. All of them were looked very excited at that time and they enjoyed too much. Some of them said that that was their first virtual reality experience.

32302543352_0bf9943e79_o 32302544422_3ba7460700_o

Some beautiful mozillian swags were distributed at that time among the participants.


A very very special thanks to the honorable Faculties and Students of  International Islamic University – Chittagong. Also thanks to the all members of  IEEE IIUC Student Branch WIE Affinity Group and Computer Club – IIUC. They worked hard to make the event successful and effective. And thanks to Mohammad Naim Uddin for logistic help. Group photo was taken after the event with participants, members and speakers.


Group Photo

IIUC Authority thanked Mozilla Bangladesh Community for coming and gave such a great honor. The event finished with a big claps.

  • To see the Session Slides, please   CLICK HERE

  • To see the Codes (Desh), please   CLICK HERE

  • To see the Codes (Khalid), please   CLICK HERE

  • To know the Basics of A-Frame, please   CLICK HERE

  • To see the all Projects of A-Frame, please   CLICK HERE

  • To join A-Frame on Slack, please   CLICK HERE

  • To join on Telegram of A-Frame Bangladeshi Members, please   CLICK HERE

  • To see the Reps Portal page, please   CLICK HERE

  • To see the Facebook Event page, please   CLICK HERE

  • To see the event photos, please   CLICK HERE

Hashtag: #WebVrCtg


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